Andrex: What’s so difficult?

It should be possible to spend a few peaceful moments in the smallest room without getting annoyed.. but, no.  Try as I might, I can’t get that bloody loo roll to tear along the perforations.  I suppose that if it did, that puppy wouldn’t be able to run all over the house dragging the stuff all over the place….


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Dear Customer Relations,


Andrex Toilet Tissue


What is so difficult about making toilet tissue that tears along the dotted line?

Yours sincerely,



Alas, I didn’t get a response.


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19 thoughts on “Andrex: What’s so difficult?”

  1. I won’t be buying any more toilet paper from Andrex having used it for over 40 years it is so thin that you have to put at least four sheets together thus making it much more expensive than other brands

  2. I agree with the above comments, I have bought Andrex Toilet tissues for most of my married life, and now I find one has to tear off about ten or twelve pieces before the roll starts properly, also the quality is not so good.

  3. i have used andrex for years but no more, i just put my last 4 on my toilet roll holder and they will be the last 4 that ever go on there,they have got thinner, and smaller they used to come over the top now they are below, my friend used to to put one in a old fashion bowl which had to be tilted which now fit’s in easy with room to spare, so what’s going on? i also found out recently that most of my friends had stopped buying them so good bye andrex

  4. Having been a long time user of Andrex toilet roll. My lastest purchase has been a complete & utter disappointment. Thin doesn’t begin to describe it. I can honestly say without sounding too rude, my finger goes through the paper after every wipe without fail . The quality of the paper is way beyond cheap. Even the cheapest of brands is better than what is being produced at the moment. With the more hefty price tag I feel utterly ripped off. Why, oh why are we being continually being overcharged for products that no longer live up to their brand name? Why so much greed from Andrex? A very disgruntled customer.

  5. Dear Andrex,
    Having purchased your Andrex Classic White toilet tissue as the shop was out of the quilted variety, I was disappointed to find one needs a minimum of about 6 sheets to wipe one’s bottom without pushing holes in the paper and getting one’s hands dirty, and then repeating the performance to complete the job. I appreciate it important to make the paper biodegradable once in the sewage system, but can you not make it a wee bit stronger and hence fit for purpose, which at the moment it is not. I am sure Labradors love it, but they don’t have to wipe their bottoms, do they?

  6. For the past few of weeks I’ve been buying Andrex Eco. Last week the perforations didn’t line up; this week I have no perforations at all. If perforations are harmful to the environment, then I’d be happy to continue taking the tape measure and scissors to the toilet when I go for my morning dump. Otherwise, please send me the missing perforations. I paid for holes, and I want my holes!! Grrr…

  7. Hi there I have used Andrex toilet rolls for over 42 years & I must say they are deteriorating, what has changed, I trusted this brand as my daughter & son! But they are NO longer my 1st choice, plus we run a business in Newcastle on Tyne & have resorted to a cheaper brand, please explain!?!

  8. I recently purchased a 16 roll pack of Andrex “puppies on a roll” and i have never been so disappointed, in fact you could probably say i am absolutely daft, because i did not realise the quality would be so different from the basic pack i usually buy. I have always ‘sworn’ by Andrex but not any more, its put me off completely – the “puppies on a roll” pack is extremely thin and quite a lot rougher. So i am done because my other favourite is cushelle and i will be moving over to that one in future but what a shame that you cheapened your quality.

  9. How long are you going to keep shrinking the size of the rolls? Each roll in anew pack is a few millimetres smaller than rolls in a previous pack. If this carries on the rolls will eventually be 1cm in width!!!

  10. Hi there

    I recently required a large pack (16 rolls) of “Puppies on a Roll” at Morrison’s in place of my usual
    basic Andrex due to the case that it was a better buy at the time, and now when getting around to
    using it, I find it to be rather rough compared to the basic kind and its really coursing such discomfort
    that I am find it un-useable, and I will have to make a special journery out to replace it with your basic
    type or something of a much softer nature. As said in some of the pervious emails on this site, we buy
    your toilet tissue for its quality etc, and we pay over the odds for the comfort it has given in the pass,
    and we expect that to go through all your range, but definetly it doesn’t as I also found your eco one not

    Sandra D Sedgwick (ms)

  11. To Whom It May Concern (somebody hopefully ? )

    As a life long user of your product i now find myself compelled to write in complaint at the dismal state of the products you are now providing , the usual 9/12 roll packs we purchase have been unwound prior to use squashed and also some without perforations . As you are not the cheapest product on the shelf i pay the extra expecting good quality . Sadly this has not been the case for some months. I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter . Cheers Bill

  12. i recently purchased a large pack of andrex toilet tissue and was very annoyed to discover only 2 rolls had perferations grrr i do not drive and my nearest shop is a fifteen minute walk . i have always bought andrex products as i believe in quality sadly not on this occasion

  13. I bought a 9 roll pack of your toilet paper from Morrisons 2 days ago, when I opened the pack, 6 rolls were in a terrible state, 1 being much less weight than the others, 1 looks as if it has been unravelled, 3 were so dented and the last one looked as if it had been kicked around causing the tissue to start to fray on the sides. I am so dissapointed with this purchase as I always buy Andrex instead of Morrisons own make.

  14. I recently purchased a multi pack of your toilet roll from my local coop store i found that the paper was splitting in 2 and it wasent perforated inbetween most of the sheets i am very disappointed.

  15. dear sir/madam

    i bought a whole case of andrex quilted toilet roll from my local pharmacy which I usually do. but this time the toilet roll is faulty as the roll doesnt tear off properly as the dotted line is missing and i bought a whole case. so please help . can you send me a new case and take this one back? hope to hear from you, this is the fist time i have had this kind of a problem.

  16. Dear Sir, having worked for a paper converting company in Northern Ireland for eight years,some time ago. We considered our toilet tissue to be the cheaper end of the Market and that Andrex was at the top. How times have changed. Now it is an impossibility to keep ones hands clean or dry even with four sheets. I am appalled at the quality. Do you have an answer for this?


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