An Exciting New Project…

DEar Customer Relations The Book

Dear Customer Relations is delighted to announce an exciting new project!

Dear Customer Relations THE BOOK is in the works – and it needs your support!

Dear Customer Relations Book 3DThe book is to be published by crowd funding publishers, UNBOUND who have just announced the book on their website.

Unbound allows the public to listen to authors’ ideas for what they’d like to write before they even start. If you like their idea, you can pledge to support it. If the project reaches the target number of supporters, the author can go ahead and start writing.

There are several levels of support, each with different rewards. The higher your pledge, the greater the rewards you’ll receive, from your name in the back of the book to lunch with the author (My dear mother is putting her name down for that one!).

As soon as you make a pledge to support an Unbound project you gain access to the author’s private area, or ‘shed’. Here you can get updates on the book’s progress and I’ll see if I can provide a few goodies that aren’t available on the main site.

After the book is written, designed, edited and printed, it is sent to you, either as an ebook or a limited edition hardback or paperback.

For the first time, you will be able to hold in your hands a book that wouldn’t have existed without you.

The full Dear Customer Relations pitch on the UNBOUND website can be found here, where you can pledge your support for the project:

You can also watch my pitch video here:

You can see how the whole publishing process works in the video below:

I hope that you will feel able to make a pledge to help me take the first steps towards the funding target because without it, the Dear Customer Relations book will not see the light of day. However, even if you don’t want to buy a version of the Dear Customer Relations book or you’re simply not in a position to make a financial commitment, you can still support me by helping increase the awareness of Dear Customer Relations and the forthcoming book. In fact, even if you do pledge, you can still help to spread the word.The project will now be heavily promoted across all the social media platforms and every single Facebook ‘like’ and Tweet will help to spread the word so please help me get the message out there by taking the following simple steps:

1. Visit the main site and hit the big Facebook ‘Share’ button at the bottom of your favourite letters to share a link on your Facebook timeline:

Better still, post a link to the Dear Customer Relations homepage and then links to a selection of letters on different parts of the site. Remember that you can post the links directly to a friend’s timeline too.  Ask your friends to send it on to their friends.

You can share this page right now right here:

Share button

At the bottom of most letters on the site, there are also buttons which allow you to Tweet a link or pin one to your Pinterest account so if you have either of these, please hit these buttons too!

2. Like the Dear Customer Relations Facebook page:

And please share the posts about the book with your friends.

3. Follow me on Twitter:

Join the likes of Monty Python’s Terry Jones and become one of my Twitter followers.  There’s a handy follow button below:

Then watch out for my tweets and please retweet them to your followers. And don’t forget to tweet links to this page. You can do it now right here:


I’ll be posting regular updates on all platforms and, of course, supporters will have access to updates in my ‘shed’ on the UNBOUND site.  I’ll be able to see all the Dear Customer Relations pledges as they happen so I’ll be in touch to say a personal thank you once you’ve made your pledge.

Here’s that all important link again:

Dear Customer Relations unbound logo

Dear Customer Relations – THE BOOK

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