Dear Customer Relations Book Project Cancelled

Sadly, I have to announce that the Dear Customer Relations book project has been cancelled by publishers Unbound.

Unfortunately, the pledges to support the crowdfunding project just didn’t grow quickly enough to justify keeping it on the Unbound website.

It’s very disappointing of course, especially when I didn’t seek out this opportunity in the first place.  It was Unbound who approached me to do the book and I suppose that it appealed to my vanity.  I guess that unlike some of the other authors, I just didn’t have the public profile or the social media network needed to get the project out to a big enough audience.  I also have a day job which keeps me extraordinarily busy so it has been very difficult to find time to promote the book as much as I perhaps should have.

I would like to say an enormous and very sincere thank you to all those who pledged to the book.  Your support was genuinely appreciated.  Be sure to keep an eye open for the explanatory email from Unbound as you may not automatically get your money back unless you ask for it . Alternatively, I believe you can transfer your pledge to other books and there are many worthy projects to choose from so please do consider supporting one of the other books.

I hope you will keep in touch – you never know, I may choose to self-publish at some point and I’ll be sure to let those who have pledged have the book at a very special rate!  No immediate plans though.  I need a break from all this.

Please do subscribe on the website (in the sidebar) or drop me a line to [email protected] and I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Thanks once again for your support.  I’m genuinely sorry it didn’t work out.



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