Boondocks and Boondoggles

Dear Customer Relations will soon have a sister site. will soon be ready for launch but readers of DCR can now have a sneak preview.

So if you don’t know the difference between Boondocks and Boondoggles or whether a rubber is a contraceptive or for removing pencil marks, this is the site for you. You can learn whether a faggot is an insult or a meatball; whether pants should be worn under your clothes or over them and discover whether a fanny pack is worn at the front or at the back.

As it happens, I have found that there are far more differences between American and British English in the areas of insults and intimate anatomy so already, the dictionary is somewhat dominated by rude words and there are at least a hundred insults still to be added. This new site is not for children or the easily offended.

You can explore the BAD dictionary and search by subject area (be careful, you can get lost in there for hours). There’s also a blog called BAD Thoughts which explores how the way we use our common language has diverged in the kitchen, in the wardrobe (or closet)…  and in our underwear!

Please take a look and follow the new site on Facebook and Twitter and let me know what you think.


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