Best Ever Silly Letters

Like me, some letter writers put pen to paper out of sheer mischief.  We like to shake the tree and see what falls out.   Perhaps the best exponent is Terry Ravenscroft whose book ‘Dear Customer Services: Letters from the World’s Most Troublesome Shopper’ is hysterically funny and one of his wonderful letters is included below.


As ever, I am keen to see other examples of well crafted silly letters so please use the ‘Contact Dear Customer Relations’ page to get in touch and paste your letter into the email. Here, I am collecting outstanding examples that have come to my attention.


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400x250 Not Rearing PigsI would like to Join the ‘Not Rearing’ Pigs Business:

A fantastic letter written by Nigel Johnson-Hill to the Secretary of State at DEFRA comprehensively taking the p**s out of subsidies to pig farmers







400x250 Butchers TripeFit as a Butcher’s Dog:

Terry Ravenscroft is well known for terrorising product maufacturers with his mischievous letters.  Here, he is extolling the virtues of offal with hilarious results






 400x250 Whiskas CatFeline Eating Disorders

A letter to Mars Petcare asking the manufacturers of Whiskas cat food what to do about an insecure cat that is displaying all the symptoms of Bulimia

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