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1050x400 Wizzair

Wizzair: Vexation in Vilnius

“We didn’t realise that the ‘boarding’ that began to show on the boards in the airport approximately 1 hour before the scheduled departure time was Lithuanian for “Stand in a greenhouse for 40 minutes and sweat until you turn into a pair of balls in a puddle”.

FlyBe Making Flying Shit

FlyBe: Mr. Tosser and the Whoosh-Whoosh

My day job has meant that I’ve had to visit Glasgow rather a lot over the last year and because the eight hour round-trip drive and the ten hour round-trip train journey are both so mind-numbingly dull, I often resorted to taking the plane. Unfortunately, that meant flying with FlyBe…

1050x400 auto europe devil

Auto Europe: The Car Hire Firm from Hell

Sometimes, I write complaint letters out of sheer mischief.  On other occasions, I feel that a company deserves a slap on the wrist and the publication of a light-hearted complaint is a great way to deliver a wake up call.  Very occasionally, I endure such utterly appalling and unforgivable service from a business that genuinely doesn’t give a damn about its customers that I write a complaint letter because I want to teach them a lesson.