Pandora Lord of the Rings 03

PANDORA!: One Ring to Rule Them All

This very long exchange with costume jewellery retailer Pandora was submitted by Stephen Crowley. The Pandora Saga is an epic tale, featuring wizards, elves, orcs, a turkey… and a baboon’s bottom.
You might want to put the kettle on before you read it…

1050x400 Wizzair

Wizzair: Vexation in Vilnius

“We didn’t realise that the ‘boarding’ that began to show on the boards in the airport approximately 1 hour before the scheduled departure time was Lithuanian for “Stand in a greenhouse for 40 minutes and sweat until you turn into a pair of balls in a puddle”.

1050x400 Dentyl PH

Dentyl PH: Brush, Floss, Sloosh, Gargle, Spit

Ian MacLeod wrote this latest funny complaint letter after his new mouthwash kept removing nasty gunk from his mouth, time after time after time… “Well, could YOU go to bed knowing your mouth was a biological chemical plant to rival any that Hans Blix never found in Iraq? I certainly couldn’t….”

DEar Customer Relations The Book

An Exciting New Project…

The Dear Customer Relations collection of the world’s most hilarious complaints is going to be turned into a book and the project needs your support!

Dear Santa

Dear Santa…

“And then there’s the Christmas turkey. Why in God’s name do hundreds of millions of people eat this pug-ugly and completely tasteless bird on the same day each year? Why, for instance, don’t we eat penguins? There are millions and millions of them. David Attenborough said so”.