Mischief Letters

Top Gear situation vacant

Top Gear: Applications are Invited….

When this letter by Laurie Pierce dropped into the DCR inbox, I didn’t immediately see its potential. Then it occurred to me that DCR could send on any applications for the role of Top Gear presenter to the high-ups at the BBC. So, if you think that you, or your sister-in-law could be a worthy replacement for Mr. Clarkson, send in your applications. The most original will be featured here.

Dear Santa

Dear Santa…

“And then there’s the Christmas turkey. Why in God’s name do hundreds of millions of people eat this pug-ugly and completely tasteless bird on the same day each year? Why, for instance, don’t we eat penguins? There are millions and millions of them. David Attenborough said so”.

Sonim Dear Ferrero Header

Sonim Technologies: The Mad Fire Fighter and the Jingle Song

DCR’s favourite Dutchman and professional fire-fighter, Thomas de Graaff, is slightly bonkers. He sends crazy letters to unsuspecting product manufacturers just to see what comes back. He also likes to make telephone calls whilst fighting raging infernos (like I said, he’s bonkers). He is therefore a big fan of his virtually indestructible, bad-ass mobile phone, made by Sonim Technologies.
So much so, he wrote a song about it….