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You’ve got to hand it to them, those folks at IKEA are clever.  Who else would lay out their store on a giant snakes and ladders board?  Who else would get away with making it impossible to take your trolley to your car but make you bring your car to the trolley instead?


Have you ever been to an IKEA store and left without buying something you didn’t intend to buy?  How many tea light candles have you got in your kitchen drawer?  How many pencils have you stolen?


How many times have you left without something you did intend to buy?  No doubt it was out of stock.  Not a lot of point checking beforehand because they turn over the stuff so fast that it can be out of stock again before you’ve even reversed your car out of the drive.  Then there are those times when you left thinking that you did indeed buy what you intended then you drive home with the boxes sticking out three feet through the car window only to get there, open the box and discover that it contains something else entirely. Or maybe it’s the wrong colour.  Or maybe it contains only 497 of the 498 little bits required to build the bloody thing.


To be fair though, it does have its good points.  Those hot dogs aren’t half bad and the row of cages beside the exit where you can leave the dog or the children whilst you go to retrieve your car are a stroke of genius.


More often than not though, a visit to IKEA is a pain in the ass.


Needless to say, I have had occasion to drop them the occasional line of complaint but I can’t be the only one.  There must have been millions of complaint letters sent to IKEA every year.


Here are just a couple to start our collection.  Click on the title or the picture to go to the letter:


400x250 IKEA button Oops

Miss Business and the Three-Legged Desk

A letter to the IKEA store in Leeds after a shop assistant who had graduated from the Guantanamo Bay College of Psychological Warfare was let loose in the IKEA Business Department.







400x250 IKEA Button Help

A Weekend of Adventure

A letter from the other side of the pond.  New Yorker Keith Snyder is having just as much trouble with his bookshelf as the rest of the planet.  It’s the wrong colour and someone has covered up all the little holes…




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