Dear Santa

Dear Santa…

“And then there’s the Christmas turkey. Why in God’s name do hundreds of millions of people eat this pug-ugly and completely tasteless bird on the same day each year? Why, for instance, don’t we eat penguins? There are millions and millions of them. David Attenborough said so”.

FlyBe Making Flying Shit

FlyBe: Mr. Tosser and the Whoosh-Whoosh

My day job has meant that I’ve had to visit Glasgow rather a lot over the last year and because the eight hour round-trip drive and the ten hour round-trip train journey are both so mind-numbingly dull, I often resorted to taking the plane. Unfortunately, that meant flying with FlyBe…

Telstra infogram

Telstra: The Longest Complaint Letter Ever?

This is a complaint letter on an epic scale. It was written by blogger Cloaker Josh to Australia’s largest telecommunications company, Telstra Corporation, after they put a bar on outgoing calls on Josh’s phone. Getting the bar lifted proved to be just about the most difficult thing that Josh had ever done. At over 11,000 words, this letter takes a bit of getting through so I suggest you get a cup of good coffee or, as this is an Australian letter, a nice cool tinny, put your feet up and be very very glad that this didn’t happen to you!