funny complaint letter

Telstra infogram

Telstra: The Longest Complaint Letter Ever?

This is a complaint letter on an epic scale. It was written by blogger Cloaker Josh to Australia’s largest telecommunications company, Telstra Corporation, after they put a bar on outgoing calls on Josh’s phone. Getting the bar lifted proved to be just about the most difficult thing that Josh had ever done. At over 11,000 words, this letter takes a bit of getting through so I suggest you get a cup of good coffee or, as this is an Australian letter, a nice cool tinny, put your feet up and be very very glad that this didn’t happen to you!

Comet broken keyboard

Comet: I’ve Lost My Keys!

This exchange with electrical retailer Comet dates back to 2010 when Mike Dean experienced some difficulty with his Sony Vaio laptop computer. Rather inconveniently, the keys on his keyboard were prone to falling off – which made it rather difficult to write a letter of complaint!

Auto Europe: The Car Hire Firm from Hell

Sometimes, I write complaint letters out of sheer mischief.  On other occasions, I feel that a company deserves a slap on the wrist and the publication of a light-hearted complaint is a great way to deliver a wake up call.  Very occasionally, I endure such utterly appalling and unforgivable service from a business that genuinely doesn’t give a damn about its customers that I write a complaint letter because I want to teach them a lesson.

Black Country Living Museum: Mr. Trebus and the Child Catcher

“All I want is to not have our wallets emptied while in your site and to be able to navigate into, throughout and more to the point, away from your site without the need for sustained prayer, a fully stocked first aid kit and a willingness to take our families to repeated therapy sessions to expunge the horror embedded in their psyche by your site’s experiences.”