The EasyJet Chronicles - Dear Customer Relations

The airline we all love to hate.  Yes, Ryanair are a pain in the ass but easyJet takes the biscuit for leaving its passengers high and dry on a regular basis.  Here, DCR is collecting complaints and exchanges with the legendary easyJet Customer Relations Department.  If you have sent any complaints to easyJet (especially the funny ones) then please go the Contact Dear Customer Relations page and send them in.  The best will be added here.   There must be thousands of them!!


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 400x250 Easyjet ChristmasA Christmas Clusterf**k

Rannoch Yule wanted to get home to spend Christmas with his family.  Thanks to EasyJet, he spent Christmas Day alone with stale cheese and Vienetta for his Christmas dinner…







400x250 easyjet check in Does God Work for EasyJet?

An exchange with the lobotomised personnel at the EasyJet Customer Relations Department about a cancelled flight to Madeira







400x250easyjet man in caseDear EasyJet Idiots…

After EasyJet again replies to an email that was never sent to them, they seem to be offering to refund some more flights.  An opportunity too good to miss!








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